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RONIT- a symbolic name for a boy/RIYA- a symbolic name for a girl ,was very happy in his/her house after declaration of school final examination result. His/Her parents were finding all reasons to praise their only son/daughter. It was a proud moment for them as Ronit’s/Riya's result was unparallel in the locality.


This time, Ronit/Riya is in somber mental disposition to see the changed family atmosphere. Everybody is blaming.

“I find no way except to run away from my house…I have written so long long answers, still trouble, trouble and trouble…I am not a worthy student…It is difficult to survive with declined marks,” Ronit/Riya thinks to himself/ herself.

“But where should I go?…No where!…It is better to finish my life…Yes, this is the only path for me,” he/she nods his/her head in immense thinking.


He/She sights a College BOOK lying on the table. He /She starts turning the pages.

“O performer!” Some one calls out from the book. Ronit /Riya starts looking every pages with intense curiosity. The College BOOK is addressing him/her, saying performer.

“Do you want to run away from your house?…Are you harboring desire to diminish your life?” the College BOOKS asks

“But how should one book know about my thinking! Ronit/Riya thinks.

“Yes, I know everything about thinking…I am your book…I am your friend…It is my duty to protect you from bad decision of life!” the College book says.

Ronit/Riya feels curious to talk with this book as the mysterious COLLEGE LIFE is talking with love.

“Think about that pretty bird…amid all shower of rain.. just by holding the branch of a tree faces all troubles of life.. who has told it to suffer?..

The little bird knows everything about day and night (Joy and Sorrow) system of Nature. The same bird is chirping again in the wee hour of morning!”

“O my dear human performer!… Cherish and perform again!” the COLLEGE BOOK says.

“Why are you addressing me…perfomer!. .performer!.. I am a student!…I am a learner!.. Performing system is related with matured person?” Ronit/Riya asks.

“The person who learns and shows her learning to others is called a performer. Examination is a period of performance…

‘Performance means a supreme designation…It is higher than onlooker designation…

‘Onlooker has choices to blame this and that persons only, but performer has one choice; to improve her performance…Because he progresses on the path of committing mistakes and learning from that mistakes!”

“O my dear performer, surge ahead in your life!.. Your progress is the same as the flowing of a river!..Students mean the pillars pf a country. We have great expectation from you…” well before completion of the line, Ronit/Riya retorts.

“Again expectation from me!” and he starts laughing along with the COLLEGE BOOK.

“Ha!..Ha!..Ha!..But he /She finds no way to control the tear beads, rolling down from his/her cheeks. He /She has got the learning that a performer should never think about committing suicide or running away from troubles.

…Suddenly the COLLEGE BOOK  disappears….

On the other side, Ronit’s  /Riyas father is watching the television in his drawing room. After all, it is a great entertainment to watch a cricket match on television.

“Spectator!…O spectator!…Look here!” Ronit’s father feels surprised to see a strange book on the table, which is calling him with this name. Out of curiosity, he lifts the COLLEGE BOOK.

“Who is the successful player?” the COLLEGE BOOK asks.

“Oh so nice player he is!” Ronit’/Riya s father starts praising the performance of his favorite performer.

“Our Vinod Kumble…Our dearest Vind kumble!…Do you know that he has claimed five wicket!” the father says.

“What is your idea about system of success?” the COLLEGE BOOK asks.

“Success means five wickets there is nothing!” the father replies.

“No!.. This is not exact definition of success!.. Success means innumerable failures!” the COLLEGE BOOK says.

“Innumerable failures means success!… What rubbish book !” the father scolds the COLLEGE BOOK.

“What is the bowling figure of your favorite bowler?” the COLLEGE BOOK asks.

“What?.. It is simple..25 overs..5 maiden..72 runs..5 wickets, this is the success!.. The winner has got five successes!” Ronit’s/Riyas father elates.

“It means the bowler has made 25 overs…Right?” the COLLEGE BOOK asks.

“Yes, you are right,” the father replies.

“If we multiply 25 with 6 per over than the figure comes 150…Am I right!” the COLLEGE BOOK again asks.

“I am not a week in mathematics…It is always right,” the father says.

What does it mean!. .I am telling to you!…It means …Just try to under stand it…The bowler makes 150 valiant attempts, and in return he gets 5 successes…In other word the figure is like this..

 The bowler makes 150 efforts, and gets 145 failures…Am I right?” the COLLEGE BOOK asks.

On being asked the father nods his head. He is not able to say anything, as the mathematics calculation is right.

“145 times he gets failure…he has conceded 72 runs also…Still the performer is a successful one!” the book elaborates.

“Yes!.. Yes!.. He is a performer!… So failure.. and also successful…It is natural! “the father replies.

“Your son /daughter is also a performer!.. So failure..  and also successful.. It is natural!” the COLLEGE BOOK says.

“Allow im/her to bring 145 failures…He /she will surely bring 5 laurels in your house!…He/She needs your love!.. The bowler is your hero, you find nothing in your own son/daughter to feel proud of him,” the COLLEGE BOOK asks, and continues,

“Your dearest son /daughter wants to commit suicide…He needs your affection your love, otherwise…”

“Otherwise!… Oh, no!.. No!..” saying so he runs fast to see his beloved son. /daughter .The loving call of a father always makes enthusiasm in the mind of his progeny. The scene is the exact representation of the same.

“Ronit/Riya!.. My dearest son/daughter Ronit/Riya!.. I have faith in you…If I can have faith with Vinod kambli, the player, in spite of innumerable failures, what is wrong with my own son!.. Surely, you will perform well next time.. Go on with your life. I am with you always,” Ronit’s/Riya's father feels.

Seeing this the EMOTIONAL STORY BOOK-THE SERENE SKY CALLS YOU, is laughing on the table. Now, it is saying something to the mother,

“Whenever the learned father finds difficult to impart education in the mind of his own progeny, it is your duty to work as a doubt removing teacher…Ear is the imbiber of knowledge, it requires higher conservationist to get perfection in life.


Every member of the family is laughing, but finds no way to control the tear beads... SCHOOL...COLLEGE HIGHER ... GO ON....









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